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Couplings & Jockey Wheels

The trailer coupling is the connection point that attaches the trailer to the vehicle. From 750kg to 3500kg, we are sure to have the braked or unbraked trailer coupling and damper you require. The most popular couplings used are the 50mm ball hitch, offering an easy and convenient way of connecting the trailer to the tow vehicle. The majority of couplings feature a built-in wear indicator so it is important to check this regularly. It is therefore imperative that the coupling you buy is good quality and will meet the load capacity requirements for your cargo. You must ensure that the bolts holding the coupling to the trailer drawtube are tight and of the correct tensile strength usually 8.8 or 10.9. If you are unsure please get in touch for free advice and recommendations. Blue Line are your one-stop-shop for all genuine trailer parts and fast UK shipping!
BLT511 34mm - 18
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BLT512 34mm - 24
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BLT513 42mm - 24
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